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We bring together everything you want to know about OKR. Our library contains the OKR methodology and information about our software while apply this methodology in your company with our current articles successfully. All you need to know about OKR is available here..

What is Devokr?

Devokr is a user-friendly new generation OKR software system designed to track your OKRs (Objective and Key Results) dynamically throughout the year, with agile management approach.

With check-in screens and one-on-one meeting options, you can follow your OKR progress throughout the year and be aligned with your organization and keep your goals up to date.

By creating OKRs that nurture Company Strategies, you can connect your goals with Company strategies and spread them throughout the organization.

Thanks to our software that supports the Continuous Feedback Methodology, you can provide 360-degree feedback and create a feedback culture in your organization.

Like other organizations that have adopted success, it will be inevitable for Start-up companies to be successful when they create their strategies correctly and enable the whole organization to determine their route in the light of these strategies. That's why our product is free for Start-ups.

You can start using our product via creating an account at register page.

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