The Importance of Feedback in OKR

Feedback, which is an important development tool, has an effective role in the journey of development and realization of goals. Feedback is a two-way mechanism; Receiving feedback is as important as giving it. In addition, feedback provided not only from the top to the bottom, but also 360 degrees will increase performance and development. The OKR system focuses on continuous feedback and primarily ensures development and achievement of goals. You do not need to wait for the year-end evaluation, the closing period of the targets for feedback. It enables all employees in the organization to give each other target and development-oriented feedback in 360 degrees throughout the year.

So how should an effective feedback be;

First of all, it should support development and should be given in a timely manner. The OKR system enables just that, allowing timely feedback to be received/given and prioritizes the development of the person. Adopting the CFR(Convervation, Feedback, Recognition)/Continuous Feedback methodology, the OKR system ensures that the goals are progressed correctly and within the framework of common sense, with the feedback provided throughout the year.

Feedback should be behavioral, not individual. With the OKR system, Company Principles, Strategies or Values can be integrated and feedback related to Goals and KRs can be provided through them.

One of the most effective methods when giving feedback is the STAR(Situation,Task, Action, Result) technique.

S(ituation/Status), The first step should be started by summarizing the situation.

T(ask/Task)What is the behavior here, it should be mentioned.

A(ction/Behavior)What is the effect of this behavior.

R(esult/result) what is the result of this situation, behavior.

An effective feedback can be given by using a parallel method with the STAR technique. Let's not forget that the feedback should always have a developer feature and should be given in a timely manner for the future. The OKR system also helps you create a feedback culture in your organization.

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