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OKR Do’s and Dont’s

We have prepared a list of topics that you should pay attention to and stay away from while creating your OKRs.


Align with company strategies: you must first make sure that company strategies are defined and create OKRs aligned with these strategies.
Set priorities: Remember that OKR is not a 'to-do list'. For this reason, you should set priorities and create goals in line with these priorities.
Set limits: By writing too many goals it will not be possible to focus on what is important. For this reason, it is necessary to limit the number of OKRs you will write. You must create max 5 goals and 4 KR below them.
Be simple and compelling in your goals: You should set clear, simple and understandable goals when read. These goals should also be challenging goals.
Create measurable KRs: For KRs to be measurable, they must consist of metrics. You should write measurable KRs that can be proven with numbers.
Focus on the future, not the past: Write down where you want to go in the future and how you will do it.
Be development-oriented: Create goals that will contribute to your development and follow them using continuous feedback and check-in meetings.
Be prepared for check-in meetings: Be prepared for check-in meetings with your manager. Enter the progress of your OKRs in advance and enter the meeting by noting down the topics you will talk about or planning ahead.
Track the progress of the goal: After entering the goals, change the progress as the goal progresses. Remember that OKR is a living and dynamic system.


Do not write long and very general OKRs: Do not create OKRs that are too long, difficult to understand, and cover general topics. Write clear OKRs that relate to the priority of your business and the company's strategies.
Do not use metrics in your goals: Do not use metrics when determining your goals, use numbers when writing how to reach this goal, that is, in your KRs.
Don't set easy, immediate goals: Don't set easy-to-achieve goals that you can achieve quickly. Instead, write challenging, uplifting, inspiring goals.
Don't use a cascading system: Don't assign your goals top-down to downlines. Remember that OKR is a bidirectional system.
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