Check-in Meetings

Regular check-in meetings throughout the year are one of the most effective success factors of the OKR process. The progress of check-in goals and KRs, achievements so far, what could be done better, where mutual support could be provided were discussed; It's short meetings that keep employees on track. It provides a high level of productivity within teams with continuous feedback, learning and development, up-to-dateness and transparency of data, and dynamic and agile target management.

Many employees complain that their manager is not aware of the difficulties they have encountered or the successes they have achieved. Overcoming these challenges together, finding solutions, or celebrating successes, talking about how to achieve better are very important factors that increase employee motivation and performance. At this point, check-in meetings come into play, and having structured and effective check-in meetings is one of the most effective methods of achieving success. It is important to be prepared before check-in meetings, to clearly communicate the difficulties and successes experienced in the process. Some points to keep in mind while preparing for check-in are as follows;

  • Review your own team goals.

  • Revisit the priorities from the previous check-in.

  • Record your progress against your goals in the system.

  • Collect data to prove your progress and achievements.

  • Identify the problems you are facing, the things that are slowing you down, and the challenges you are facing.

  • Talk about ways to overcome these challenges and solve problems.

  • Write down anything that needs clarity about the goals.

  • Write down your suggestions, ideas, and workarounds for problems that need to be resolved.

  • Look into the future and plan what you would suggest from your current position to achieve the organization's goals.

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