OKR and KPI are two different frameworks for setting and tracking goals and performance within an organization. The main difference between the two is that OKR focuses on aligning the goals of the organization with the goals of its individual employees, while KPI focuses on measuring the performance of specific aspects of the organization.

KPI is the abbreviation of the definition of Key Performance Indicator. A KPI is a tool that allows measuring and tracking the metrics that are important to your organization. KPIs can be very useful for measurement. They are an effective numerical indicator of what is going on well or bad, but they are independent and do not determine which direction the company should go, its development strategy and direction. OKRs provide us with the direction we need to go, the strategy needed and the context adopted.

OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results” and is a framework for setting and tracking goals and objectives within an organization. Objectives indicate what you want to achieve, key results describe progress by providing some metrics how to achieve that goal. OKRs describe where you want to be, not where you are right now.

To explain with an example;

Objective: To increase the brand awareness of the company

  • KR 1 : Increase website click through rate by 30%

  • KR 2 : Increasing the number of followers on the Instagram page to 1 million

If increasing the brand awareness of the company is the goal, it is the key results that show how to reach the goal with metrics. The numerical data followed here are also KPIs. In other words, the number of followers and the number of clicks can be defined as KPIs.

Can OKR and KPI be used together?

Of course, they can be used together and complementary to each other. It is important to maintain KPIs to monitor the core elements of your company. While KPIs are often considered a daily routine, your KPIs will inspire your OKRs if it's a metric you want to change significantly.

While KPIs are the "core metrics" for your organization, OKRs are the most important milestones of your future success.

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