How to write OKR?

Before starting to create an OKR, company strategies that will shed light on you and serve as a compass should be created. Strategic priorities determined by the top management with the company's short and long term goals and priorities; It serves as a guide in the formation of company, department and individual OKRs.

The company's top management and leaders come together by taking the company strategies as a guide. In the light of the determined strategies, where the company wants to go, which areas should be given importance and what should be prioritized are discussed, and as a result, Company OKRs are determined. Let's consider that one of the strategies of a company operating in the domestic market and having success in the local market is globalization, and let's create a company target in this direction.

Strategy: Globalization

Objective: “To operate in the European market by opening up to the global market”

KR 1: Conducting market research in 2 European countries.

KR 2: To make the company known globally by doubling the product awareness.

KR 3: Making benchmarks with Leading Companies in the European market.

Together with the KRs that feed the target, this target will now create a roadmap for the organization. The company's compass and roadmap are now ready, and at this stage, each employee can create OKRs in line with company strategies and goals by thinking about their job description and goals.

OKR is a bi-directional system, so goals can be created in line with Company strategies and goals without waiting for top-down goals to be assigned.

For example, the Marketing team can convert the second KR into a goal and create a new OKR with new KRs.

Or the Business development team can take this goal for itself and create its OKR with different KRs. Thus, the department goals will emerge. Individual goals can also be created by prioritizing Company Strategies that are compatible with Company or department goals. The important thing here is to set goals that are aligned, compelling and at the same time understandable by everyone, by getting the prioritization right.

While creating an OKR, a priority draft document can be worked on. You can do this by coming together as a team, by consulting with your manager or with the teams you are carrying out a joint project with. You can now take the OKRs that you will agree with your manager from the draft stage and enter the platform where you can follow them regularly. Remember that OKR is a dynamic system and should be followed throughout the year. You should keep track of your OKRs with check-in progress and meetings to be held throughout the year.

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