OKR's Role in Career Planning

One of the most common reasons for employees to change jobs is the lack of a transparent and systematic career planning. The employee who does not meet with his manager regularly and does not receive feedback adopts the idea that there will be no progress in his career if his personal development is not followed, and tends to look for new opportunities outside.

With the OKR methodology, we can systematically follow the goals and competencies of the employee by focusing on employee development. Thanks to the check-in meetings held throughout the year, the manager and the employee get the opportunity to get together and talk about OKRs. These systematic and regular meetings increase the communication between the employee and the manager and ensure that employee development is followed in a transparent and clear way. The outputs of these meetings, which are attended by both the employee and the manager, play an active role in determining the development areas of the employee.

While planning the career of the employee, it is very important to know the competencies of the person, the areas of development and the requirements of the role we have prepared, and to prepare him for that role in a systematic way. These outputs obtained from OKR; It provides important data in the preparation of development plans, follow-up of the development of the employee and career planning.

Effective feedback and communication is one of the most important elements of development. The feedback provided is very important for determining the areas that need development and preparing for the planned role. Employees' development and career planning are easily tracked through OKR methodology, in which continuous feedback and communication are adopted.

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