OKR in Start-Up Companies

While OKR was initially adopted by tech giants like Google, Intel and Microsoft, business OKRs are now increasingly being used by Start Up firms to unlock sustainable growth and success.

Start-up companies turn to OKR to support sustainable growth, realize their short and long-term goals, and increase communication within the framework of common goals by determining their strategies.

A Start Up company can focus on many different areas with an intense work pace during the day. After making a sales call, he can produce content and then look for solutions to administrative issues. While focusing on rapid growth, it is necessary to ensure that it is sustainable.

The OKR methodology, adopted by Google in its early years, has supported its growth from 40 employees to 120,000 employees over the last 20 years.

In the words of Peter Drucker, "If you can't measure, you can't improve."

OKR; It allows to focus on what is important and measure and track it throughout the year. This method, which prioritizes the correct and important goals in order to achieve success, and ensures that they are understood and adopted by the organization, makes a great contribution to sustainable growth and success.

In organizations where the number of employees is not very high, the progress and follow-up of the goals created at check-in meetings more frequently, weekly or biweekly, and closely monitoring the development will increase alignment in the organization and come together within the framework of common goals and increase communication.

Implementing OKR for Startups is crucial to create a culture of transparency and agility that enables the company to achieve measurable results and drive growth in the early stages of Start Ups.

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